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1925 Douglas Sales Catalogue.

Douglas motorcycles have always been unique. When other manufacturers chose single cylinder engines for their smaller capacity machines and V twin engines to power their larger machines Douglas chose the horizontally opposed twin cylinder for all of their motorcycles. This meant some of the smoothest rides of the vintage era, and having owned a 1924 Model TS I can testify to the luxury and power of these steads. The toughness and versatility of the little 2 ¾ hp was even supported by the factories confidence in making available a lightweight sidecar for fitment. If you ever have the offer of

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1933~37 Ariel Owners Guide

This is for all single cylinder models from 1933 to 1937 inclusive of the 250 up to the 600 sv. It is a well put together handbook for owners of Ariel motorcycles that could also be useful to owners of other makes from the 1930s. At 46 pages there is very little it does not cover for the owner €“ ignition timing, carburetter settings, tappet settings, tyres pressures, chain adjustment etc.

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1927 Rex-Acme Care and Maintenance Manual

This manual is a hints and tips on the care and maintenance of Rex-Acme motorcycles. Information of particular value will be spark plug, tappet clearance, ignition timing, and adjustments of the Best and Lloyd mechanical oil pump. There is also a small section on tuning the Blackburne OHV engine for competition work. I have limited the pages to 12 as these are of the most value. The second part of the book is a spares parts list however as it only covers the part number with prices but no pictures there is little value in publishing it. It does define

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1929 Harley Davidson Riders Handbook.

Covering the 1929 61 and 74 models (61 being 61 cubic inch or 1000cc Model 7/9 €“ or the model J, and the 74 being 74ci or 1200cc Model 10/12 €“ or the Model JD) the information within will also assist the owners of the earlier models from 1923 as very little changed mechanically, the main differences being a newer frame in 1925, a change to the clutch operating mechanism, and an update from the flat type petrol tanks to the tear drop petrol tank. 1928 was the introduction of the front brake and adjustable oil pump, and 1929 saw

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NZCMRR Classic Motorcycle Racing Labour Weekend.

Where: Hampton Downs Motorsport Park, Waikato.

When: 23rd~24th October 2010.

Hosted by the New Zealand Classic Motorcycle Racing Register this will be the second classic race meeting at the new complex. It is not as fanciful as the February Festival traditionally held at Pukekohe however it is the venue for the NZ Classic TT title for the Junior Class (up to 350cc Pre ’63) and the Senior Class (up to 500cc Pre ’63). The NZPCRA (NZ Post Classic Racing Association) will also be supporting the event. Should be some excellent racing.

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