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1927 Royal Enfield 3.46HP Parts Manual.

For 1927 the 3.46hp Royal Enfield came in 2 models. The Model 350, a side valve of 346 cc, and the Model 351, a OHV of the same capacity. The 346 cc model was first introduced in 1924 and came fitted with Royal Enfields commonly used all chain drive 2 speed countershaft. Upgrades for 1925 saw the introduction of the well known Sturmey Archer 3 speed gearbox and the first year for the internal expanding drum front brake. There were small changes but in the main this model remained the same from 1925 until 1928 when the new frame was

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AMAC 1914 ~ 1920 Carburettor Hints and Tips.

A nice and informative booklet of 30 pages from the manufacturers of AMAC carburettors of Birmingham. As with the carburettors themselves the information is very basic but it does have the information on setting up or ‘tuning’ for the single lever H type of 1920, and the double lever Type H of 1920, as well as the Type E of 1914 to 1919. Jet sizes and the carburettor types for the various size engine capacities are included in 2 charts on pages 26 and 27..

You may not be able to buy the replacement parts new from a supplier but

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16th National Classic Motorcycle Rally.

The lads and lasses of the Nelson Classic and Vintage Motorcycle Club are hosting the 16th National Classic Motorcycle Rally for 2016. This year it is being held at Kaiteriteri on the weekend of 18th to 20th of November. There will be 2 routes, a shorter one of 70km for the more older or slower machines, like vintage or girder bikes and 2 strokes like Bantams, which will be over the sealed back roads of Motueka, and a longer run of 120kms will take you over the scenic roads of Takaka Hill. There will be a backup vehicle as well.

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Auckland Ride Forever Motorcycle Show 2016

Wave a flag advertising motorcycle events and we try to be there. I managed to get out of bed early enough for this event to get some photos before the masses converged on the showgrounds but Knobster thought that he would sit this one out as he likes to sleep late on the weekends, but then again he likes to drink late on the weekends as well. Not that they are related in any way.Held over the weekend of August 13th and 14th at the ASB Showgrounds in Auckland the Ride Forever Motorcycle Show proved one thing, that irrespective whether

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Why havent we responded to your emails?

Hi fellow Barnstormers

We here at BS Central are generally OK at responding to messages left by your good selves on our contact page, however I has come to our attention that some responses seem to have vanished into the ether.

Being mildly technical I did some tests, and found that some users email platforms are marking mail from us as SPAM.

I engaged our ISP and they have done some outstanding work to reduce this from happening ( some magic gubbins have been applied to our emails), but we have no control over the destination servers and how they

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