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News October 2011.

It has been a few months since the last updates on Barnstormers which only means one thing €“ that Knobsta and me have been very busy. Work and family are of course important but behind the scenes we are doing motorcycling things. Knobsta broke a pedal on his tricycle so opted to buy a new sparkly Triumph to replace it. Jnr McS and yours truly have been busy visiting swap meets and even though the weather hasn’t been that great for the majority (the Pukekohe Swap Meet was later referred to as the Great Pukekohe Swamp Meet) we have actually

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1933 Francis-Barnett Operating Instructions and Spare Parts List.

This is a combined instruction manual and parts book for the 1933 Francis-Barnett 148cc Lapwing, 196cc Black Hawk, and 196cc Falcon.

The first section is the instruction manual with running instructions and basic care. It deals with both flywheel magneto and coil ignition models, with the coil ignition models being fitted with Miller lighting units, and briefly covers the automatic lubrication of the Falcon 31. This machine utilises crankcase suction to draw the oil from the oil tank via the sight feed regulator glass on the oil tank.

The second section is for the illustrated parts of the cycle equipment

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Project Royal Enfield.

Barnstormers is about riding, working on, and reading about old motorcycles. Lately we have been concentrating more on the reading and publishing of old manuals and sales catalogues and so have decided that a change needs to happen. Knobsta suggested a section on polishing but I wouldn’t dare venture into Mrs McShiny’s department (and Knobsta doesn’t polish anyway €“ he just smears) so we both thought that playing with tools seemed the go. We may ride old motorcycles, and we can also be trusted with spanners to pull them apart however reassembly might be another issue so we have devised

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News July 2011.

Winter has definitely arrived and with the constant rain and water logged grounds the only thing that one can do is spend more time in the workshop. There is not much point getting wet and cold trying to do things outside when there is a nice warm heater beckoning from the shed. Both Knobsta and myself have been busy readying ourselves for the coming summer and fine days €“ hopefully.

Butterworth Collection €“ We have been very lucky to obtain some early photographs from Pete Butterworth of Digga Halam and his racing. Most are of Digga racing in the TT

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Motor Vehicle Old Style Black Number Plates.

Most of us have cursed the time when we forgot to put our vehicles registration on hold and have lost the use of the old silver numbered black number plates, I have and so has Knobsta. The older number plates hold more of the history of the vehicle and when lost through deregistration so goes that history.

However all is now not lost. For those of us that never throw anything away, especially those old registration papers, and for those of us who also haven’t flogged the old number plate off at a swap meet for $20.00 there is a

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