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Te News January 2020

There has been some chinese whispers out there from concerned vintage riders that we may have died as there has been very little activity on Barnstormers since May last year (gasp!!!). Lets just say that we were in a Sleeping Beauty phase and have been waiting for the handsome prince to appear. However as can be seen of late there are a few new bits and pieces appearing. We have been adding more sales catalogues and old manuals to the ‘to do’ pile and will slowly work through them over the next few months. So stay tuned.

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1928 Harley Davidson Sales Catalogue.

Harley Davidsons F Head engine still seemed popular with customers and for 1928 the 1000 cc and 1200 cc V twins were upgraded with new variable throttle control oil pumps. Designed to supply more oil to the engine as the throttle was opened up for more speed, and yet would stop the engine from being over oiled at idle speeds. The Schebler Deluxe carburettor with air filter was now standard fitment and with all this extra power Harley was now fitting an internal expanding front brake as standard. The use of it was some what questionable as the lever

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1922 Douglas Sales Catalogue.

If you sent away for a Douglas Sales Catalogue in 1922 this is what you would have received from the Bristol motorcycle manufacturers.With the cover being part of the delivery envelope the world would know that you were interested in purchasing a Douglas machine.

This sales catalogue highlights the advancements in a quickly changing world of 2 wheels, and with the introduction of the 3½ hp (500cc) OHV Sports model in 1921 riders soon worked out that this was the motorcycle capable of breaking records. It was regarded by some as the fastest 500 of the time with

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Back in Time.

It has been quite a while since we put up some old photographs of motorcycling, mainly because as the years pass they become harder and harder to find. Some photos have only just survived the ravages of time, but then some of these would be over 100 years, so to have survived at all is surely a miracle.

Two motorcyclists, possibly from the West Coast, on the South Island. The number plate of the motorcycle on the left has a Buller registration. Both machines are fixed belt drive, and the shape of the petrol tanks would indicate around 1910~1912.

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1935 Francis-Barnett Sales Catalogue

Within 10 years Francis Barnett had grown from producing 2 models to 7 models for 1935. Interesting bird names seemed to accompany their machines, names like Seagull 42 and 43, Plover 40 and 41, and the Black Hawk E36. Added to this was the Cruiser and the Stag 44. Except for the Stag the rest were all powered by Villiers engines, whereas the Stag was new for 1935 and had a 250cc OHV 4 stroke engine that was made by Blackburne. Perhaps part success of the sale Francis Barnett motorcycles was the price, post depression and people still had

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