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1937 Rudge Sales Catalogue

This catalogue has no date but opinion from those in the know and reading of some books it seems to point to 1937. There are 5 models covered, the 250 Rapid, the 250 Sports, the 500 Special, the 500 Sports Special and the 500 Ulster. Interestingly there are no sidecars included. 2 of the 500 models have their prices inked on them, no doubt a customer was keen on a purchase. Even though they were impressive looking machines and sales had been increasing, the company was still struggling financially, with control of Rudge having passed to the Gramaphone Company

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Dusting Sidecars – An Advertisement.

Sidecars are not every motorcyclists preferred attachment to their machine, but then there are some who would much rather have one instead of a motorcar. As a young fella I always thought that a third wheel on a motorcycle was unnatural, however as the years have passed there has been a change even in my direction of such thoughts. Sidecars that were originally manufactured in the 1950s by H. C. Dusting of Melbourne are represented in this reprinted catalogue and are worthy of reproducing on Barnstormers as there have been new owners in charge for the past 12 years

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