Well, We are back….

Well, as you can see the site looks somewhat different. Some stuff is gone and wont be coming back. The good news is that all of the posts should be back up.

So sorry for the downtime,hopefully now normal service will resume after being hacked……

Its a real shame that some spotty geek, who’s got bored with coitus with his pets, and while his mum is out honing her negotiable affection skills, has decided to trawl the internet to find out how to hack a WordPress site and set about doing this to show off to his six fingered inbred mates. Nice. And clever too, such obvious use of a search engine and a quick download of someone else’s hacking software has kept him happy for another day and made him a real employment prospect. And what did he gain? Was it all the credit card details we didn’t have? or the awesome treasure trove of p0rn we obviously weren’t hosting, perhaps it was just our immense lack of bank details.

I do realise it was probably just some automated hack looking for exploits, but I’m sure he has a little counter on his battered PC, just above the live feed he’s setup to keep an eye on his mum, that clicked over 1 more number when our site was compromised. Yay for him. (We know its a him, cos females are far more constructive and clever)

Yes we should have done a better job with security, I get it, but we aren’t software developers, or webmasters, we’re just a couple of blokes who wanted to share our passion with the world, and we chose to use WordPress, which we really like, to do it.

Don’t let the Bastards grind you down,