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What? No Ar$ebook likes? No Twatter feed? or LunkedIn or Jammer stats? Well we here at Barnstormers aren't bothered about being web savvy (or really feel the need to be). Those in the know have already found us. Just pure Barnstormers. Clutter free ... Enjoy

32nd Taupo to Napier Mail Run 2021.

When: Saturday 20 March 2021

Where: Starting from the Taupo Marina at 10.00am.

Planning a weekend getaway from your job. Well how about competing in the Taupo to Napier Mail Run on the 20th March 2021. Organised by the Hawkes Bay Classic Motorcycle Club they will be celebrating their 32th event. The attractiveness of this event is that it is not a timed competition, just a case more of follow the leader (or the rider in front). It starts with a gathering of zimmer frames pilots, and youngsters, at the Cobb & Co, Tongariro St, Taupo,

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Wotz in your Shed

Well, hasnt the kick off to the new year been a little crazy, something Ive heard called the ‘New Normal’. I guess in these weird times the best place to ‘duck and cover’ is the Shed. So we here at Barnstormers have decided to have another crack at getting some interesting pics of whats in the Shed.

I’ll start…

Following on from the explosive exposé (Te News) that we here at Barnstormers are respectively working on some projects that havent seen the light of day for 25 years, I thought I’d share a picture of where I’m at with the

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Incoming Mail….Te News December 2020.

Meet Brian, our friendly presenter bringing current affairs and happenings direct to our attention. He is the handiwork of Rod Horton, who as you can see captures the handsomeness of the typical Kiwi male biker.

Well what a year! With Level 4 now in our rear view mirrors hopefully we can keep ahead of it and look forward to some great motorcycling events in 2021. Other countries have not fared as well as New Zealand, perhaps because they didn’t believe in the viciousness of this plague and refused to commit to even the basic requirement of

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1926 BSA 2.46hp Helpful Hints.

Advertised as helpful hints for the BSA 2.49hp Motor Bicycle it is more of an owners manual, pocket edition size. With its rather unique shaped petrol tank, often referred to as the ‘round tank’ or even ‘sausage tank’ BSA the B26 and B26 Deluxe 250cc machines were quite a striking little motorcycle. The Helpful Hints include pre-riding routines, then getting started, as well as routine maintenance such as valve and ignition adjustments, clutch and wheel bearings, and the 2 and 3 speed gearboxes. It is a greasy and well aged copy that may be missing a back page but

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1926 Watsonian Sidecar Sales Catalogue

Watsonian would be the longest sidecar manufacturer to date. They have a proud history of over 108 years production, with manufacturing first starting in 1912. Changing times and advances in motorcycles would have necessitated constant changes and up grades to models offered, but when one looks at sidecars in general a sidecar is just a sidecar. Or is it? Have a look at what was on offer for 1926 and see what you think. Then revisit us at a later date for a 1930s sales catalogue that we have and see the advancements. This is a very clean copy

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