Spare Parts

We at Barnstormers are not a motorcycle parts supplier nor are we associated with any such businesses however we do get requests from vintage riders for assistance in this matter. There are not a lot of companies that are able to assist with the supply of parts however we have found the following businesses to be noteworthy for their obliging service towards our hobby.

Clubs –

Vintage Motorcycle Club UK – Is a worldwide club for machines over 25 years old. Is a strong supporter of vintage machines with over 700 entries for their annual Banbury Run (for Pre 1931 motorcycles). Produces a monthly bulletin with supplier and private adverts in it.  Go to

Publications –

Old Bike Mart (OBM) – is a monthly newspaper publication available on subscription only. Has interesting short articles on things old and a excellent Machines, Parts, and Miscell advert section. There is also a good list of suppliers to the industry for all things motorcycle including early stuff.  Try

Helpful Suppliers –

Antique Cycle Supply – Vintage Harley Davidson Supplier (1917~1950) based in the USA. They have a website but it is good to sit down and browse through their catalogue. Go to

Dave Lindsley – Supplier of JG 6v and 12v electronic regulators including 6~12v converters. These are very robust and have been around for 20 years. Try or Ph 0044 1706 365838.

Dial Patterns – very good for suppling early rubber components for motorcycles. Have those hard to get John Bull and AMAL 1″ handle bar rubbers as well as individually named manufacturers foot rest rubbers. Also supply repro vintage twist grip throttles. Try

Hitchcocks Motorcycles – Suppliers of pre monoblock carburetor parts and has a good gallery of 1930s Royal Enfield catalogue pictures. A good mail order service. Try

Independent Ignition Supplies – A very helpful company that supplies magneto parts – slip rings, HT pickups etc for even some of the most oddball of mags. Go to or give them a bell on 0044 1237 475986

Vintage Tyres – Supplier of conventional tyres but also of Beaded Edge tyres. Have some of the original Dunlop Cords and also the more economical Ensign brand (but very good value nonetheless). Excellent service – it took 2 days from placing my order for the tyres to arrive in NZ. Must have run after the plane to get them on. They are on or personally on 0044 1590 612261.

Jeff Hunter Engineering – Supplier of reproduction rubber components like knee pad rubbers, footrest rubbers, and 1″ John Bull and AMAL handlebar grips for vintage motorcycles. Jeff doesn’t have a website but go here to view his catalogue and for his contact details (it is a small PDF file so as usual you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader).