Pauls Handsome Machinery

I Like Royal Enfields, So much so I bought the company….. No just kidding, but I do have a have a fondness for the early ones.

Paul, from the UK, kindly sent us some photos of his bikes, I’ll let him tell you about them in his words.

Picture of my 1929 model 505 OHV on the way to the Banbury Run. (548)

1929 Model 505 OHV






















I rode up from Bristol, did the run and rode home – About 250 miles in 2 days.  Needless to say I didn’t sit down much on Monday at work!

It will cruise at about 45 comfortably, and will do about 70 mph flat out.  Fuel is about 65 mpg.

I bought it derelict from a friend at work, John Mealing, who found it under a hedge in a back garden in Bristol in the 1950’s.   He put a new piston in as the original was cracked, rebuilt the wheels as the rims had rusted through and rode it in VMCC and other runs until 1977.   He then took it apart with a view to rebuilding it as it was completely worn out,  but never got round to it.

I bought it in 2004 and restored it to what you see today.

I’ve done the Banbury run four times on it, took it over and rode around the island during the Manx Grand Prix with daughter on the back.  It hasn’t let me down in about three thousand miles (apart from spark plug changes…)

Second photo, below, is a 1929 model D sidevalve that I have just bought as a kind of sadistic torture. Any help with parts appreciated!

If you have some parts or are able to help Paul out, please contact us through our Contact Page and we’ll pass on your details to Paul.

november 2104 030
1929 Model D sidevalve






















Below is a picture of a 1927 Triumph for restoration

Heres where it started















I restored for my wife. She rode it around the Isle of Man with daughter on the back!

Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a flat tanker…

1927 Triumph






















 I have to ask… Whats the Colmans Mustard tin for? Was this an ‘option’ for 1927?

And the reply from Paul:

Colmans mustard tin! A ‘period’ accessory that holds 3 x pp9 batteries to operate a LED brake light…Bristol traffic is insane and I rode it to work a few times to shake it down.

You haven’t got a spare hand to indicate the slowing down signal – and no one knows what it means anymore!


Thanks Paul for sharing your bikes with us