1930 AJS R10

The mighty AJS R10 from 1930 ( or maybe 1929, i’m sure a purist will correct any glaring errors, apparently the magenta was replaced in 1930 with the now familiar Black and Gold)

Ive seen this bike at our local racetrack twice now, and as awesome as it is, whats always caught my attention is that rich magenta colour on the tank. McSnotty and I have never seen eye to eye when it comes to colour so Lord McS, when you read this, its purple , or is that dark pink???

The 1930 AJS 498 cc R 10 had a chain driven OHC engine with patent tensioning device and reaction damper and was marketed as an “over the counter” racing machine. This included special features (for its time) such as: Sports-type handlebars, twist grip carb control, narrow racing-type mudguards and a close ratio gearbox.

Excuse the quality of this second photo, the light was all wrong and it was taken with a mobile phone.

Still looks awesome to me.