The Ride Forever Motorcycle Show 2017

Well, in a complete reversal of last year, I decided that I would forego the usual Saturday night cocktails and have an early night so I could attend the show this year. I also managed to persuade both of my (known) offspring to tag along because, as I’m advancing in years, I would need someone to carry all the loot/specials I would be collecting as I trawled though the showgrounds.

As I entered the pavilion I was accosted by a portly chap who was giving away free subscriptions to Kiwirider. Well I’ve been a sometime reader of this NZ magazine, but thought I could negotiate a better deal, a man doesnt give up his email address lightly. So my opening salvo was the obvious “Its all Dirt Bikes” to which he went on an expletive riddled tirade, casting aspersions on my parentage and sexuality, Round 1 to me methinks, I’m getting under his skin. “Lets take a closer look at the Magazine” says I in retort to this very odd sales technique, picking up one of the freebies on offer, “Look, these bikes have hydraulic forks and discs, it all a bit modern for a chap like me”, and away he sailed again with the potty mouth. It was so funny I signed up , and he roped in the 2 Knob Jrs. Turns out the printed version of Kiwirider no longer exists and is now only available exclusively on the Interweb. And what more its free, so go take a look.

From there it was a wander around the myriad of stalls and stands, featuring pretty much the entire cross-section of motorcycling in NZ. There were even a few Motor Tricycles on show for those who have balance, or leaning difficulties.

Out came the the modern equivalent of my Box Brownie and I took some snaps on our stroll though the pavillions. You will be able to tell I’m not much of a “modern” motorcyclist based on the photos. Its not that I dont like them, they’re just not for me.

I was impressed by some of the latest gadgetry on offer, I thought of McSnotty when I saw this as he likes the idea of riding bicycles and this enables that with minimum effort

Electric Bicycle by Italjet. This is where its all heading chaps, like or not

There was a lot of customised bikes, and not just Chops

And Clubs

And the Wall of Death – Fundraising to revive this piece of history . More on this in a later article from the original daredevil himself ( thats McS )

And a little nostalgia from my youth.

Yamaha YDS5 it all its restored glory. The stinkwheel runs deep in this one….

After a couple of circuits, my faithful children decided to raid the ‘bank of dad’ and top up with refreshments, so outside we went and a stroll {oh look a harley} around the carpark for {whats that? another harley?} a look at the bikes that were ridden { that couldnt possibly be another harley} to the show. There was a pretty good cross-section of {harley, harley, bling bling harley} bikes in the carpark and it was good to see a good turnout {speak up, loud harleys save lives, not eardrums} on the day.

After filling up with the usual overpriced and substandard refreshments we headed back in for a final circuit.

All in all it was a good event, well organised and laid out. I don’t think I’ll make it an annual pilgrimage, but will return. Perhaps McSnotty might venture out of his cave next year and tell me what I missed.