New Plymouth Classic Motorcycle Club 40th Anniversary Motorcycle Show

This is the first year Ive attended this event, what great little show. Some great bikes old and new and well presented

There was even an old tubby ex motorcycle racer there chatting about , well, old motorcycles and showing some of the stuff he does with 70’s Kawasakis (Theres a makers name thats never been on this site before, and probably not again in my lifetime)

It was a nice meander around looking at mostly 50s and 60s bikes, but with some interesting oddballs (Guzzi Centauro , Suzuki RE5 x2) Well worth a couple of hours of time.

Heres’ some of the highlights

If you want to see more of the other bikes head over to thier FB page

With this show, and the ride last week for the DGR, Taranaki is quite the place friendly place for motorcycles.