Philipson’s Automatic Governor Pulley

Philipson’s Automatic Governor Pulley – 1913 Sales Catalogue.

It was a technological marvel in its day and was proven to be one of the more popular variable speed pulleys on the market. Interesting to note that on page 4 it talks about the ‘Touring Govenor’ and should racing be visited that a ‘Racing Govenor’ could be fitted. This makes the pulley more sensitive to variations in adjustment, but then the ‘old timer’ that I bought my pulley off said that applying the sole of ones boot to the outside edge of the govenor would do exactly the same thing. Hence the edge of my pulley being very smooth and nicely polished. Not too much to mention about the boot though.


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For our younger readers (if we have any) a Telegram (as seen on the front cover) was the e-mail of the 1900’s, faster than the Post and delivered to your door…..