Early Hill Climbing in New Zealand.

An original period photo post card with some excellent history. G.B Brown was Gilbert Bethune Brown who may have come from the Wanganui or Feilding area.

The text written on the bottom read as follows –

GB Brown making the fastest time on the noted Paekakariki Hill beating all 8HP Twins and breaking the record by 8 1/5sec, distance 2 1/2 miles, time 4 min 11 1/5sec.

Looking through the New Zealand Archives Library I came up with this photograph possibly identifying the rider as Gilbert Brown sitting astride his Triumph motorcycle about 1914. Not sure if it the same machine that he did the Paekakariki hill climb with though.

Triumph motorcycle and rider. Tesla Studios :Negatives of Wanganui and district taken by Alfred Martin, Frank Denton and Mark Lampe (Tesla Studios). Ref: 1/1-017330-G. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand. /records/23154455

Even overseas New Zealand riders were making an impression with hill climbing and racing. Here is an interesting article from the English motorcycling magazine The MotorCycle, November 6th 1913 edition reporting on the results of a hill climb at Lyall Bay. J. Boucher riding a 3 1/2 hp Rudge was the winner, and possibly Percy Coleman 2nd on a 2 3/4 Douglas. Probably the most interesting would be the accompanying photograph of the actual hill climb road (or track for a more correct description). Brave riders indeed.