1935 Harley Davidson Riders Handbook 45 Twin

Wow, after all this time we finally got around to putting up some content about a Hoggly Doggly (I can call them this as I am the proud owner of one of these fine machines)

Barnstormers proudly give you , gentle readers, the 1935 Harley Davidson Riders Handbook for 45 Twins.

The PDF may look a bit weird towards the end as Ive kept the original page scale for pages 39 and 40 (download it and this will make sense)

The file size is a huge 6Mb. Unfortunately as the manuals we use get bigger so do the resulting files. Here at Barnstormers central we try our best to balance file size with readability.  We think we have a good formula for this and hence when files start getting bloated we try to at least warn you.

As usual with other manuals it is in PDF format so make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader

And Yes McSnotty Ive just gone back in and fixed all the bloody typo’s 😉