Come on in……

What? No Ar$ebook likes? No Twatter feed? or LunkedIn or Jammer stats? Well we here at Barnstormers aren't bothered about being web savvy (or really feel the need to be). Those in the know have already found us. Just pure Barnstormers. Clutter free ... Enjoy

Wotz in your Shed

Well, hasnt the kick off to the new year been a little crazy, something Ive heard called the ‘New Normal’. I guess in these weird times the best place to ‘duck and cover’ is the Shed. So we here at Barnstormers have decided to have another crack at getting some interesting pics of whats in the Shed.

I’ll start…

Following on from the explosive exposé (Te News) that we here at Barnstormers are respectively working on some projects that havent seen the light of day for 25 years, I thought I’d share a picture of where I’m at with the

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Military Transport

This photo has popped up on various platforms, and a bit of searching dug up another from a different angle

Question is, whats the bike? Some say Indian….