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Lodge Spark Plug Guide.

Further to our spark plug article on maintenance and fitment from many a year ago (Motorcycle Sparkplug Conundrum 2010) here is an update with the inclusion of the listings from Lodge. The information is from 1948 and covers most of the early motorcycle makes. Despite what the cover says I have only included the motorcycle section of listings (and the piece of string holding it together).

Probably the most informative of all is the heat range chart which I have extrapalated and displayed below. It will show where in the Hot~Cold heat range that box of new plugs that you

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1947 Velocette MOV MAC and MSS Instruction Booklet

Dave M from New Zealands North-Western Island (Straya for those who are geographically challenged) has kindly scanned and send us a Velocette Instruction Manual from 1947 that covers the MOV, MAC and MSS.

Its condition would be described as Well Used, which means its seen some action, and hopefully helped to keep a whole squadron of Velos on the road.

This booklet is 100 or so pages and a whopping 16Meg (by Barnstormers standards) , so if you have a bit of a slow internet connection then click the picture below and go put the kettle on.

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