Come on in……

What? No Ar$ebook likes? No Twatter feed? or LunkedIn or Jammer stats? Well we here at Barnstormers aren't bothered about being web savvy (or really feel the need to be). Those in the know have already found us. Just pure Barnstormers. Clutter free ... Enjoy

Barnstormers New Years 2019.

As we all know if something is going to break or give us grief it will be at Christmas, just when time is at a premium. Between the stringing of Christmas lights, tree decorating and playing Santa my PC decided to annoy me by doing lots of strange things. Whether it was the weather or perhaps it too wanted to be festive, it seemed to rejoice in deleting what I was writing, usually when I got up to fill my glass with some Christmas happiness. Some of you are probably thinking “Oh yes, silly old fool, probably had tooooo much

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