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1927 Douglas Model OC Sales Catalogue

This is a single model sales catalogue for the OC Douglas. The OC is a 600cc OHV opposed twin cylinder motorcycle advertised by Douglas as The Ideal OHV Dual Purpose Mount. It would have been a top of the range motorcycle for the Bristol manufacturers and was sold as the OC Sports, the OC Solo, the OC Sports Combination and the OC Touring Combination. An attractive feature of the Douglas models from 1926 onwards was the servo internal expanding band brakes. This model had 8” brakes front and rear which were a great improvement over other manufacturers fitment of 4”

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Waiheke Islands NZ TT – The Final Chapter

69 years ago today motorcycle enthusiasts, both race entrants and spectators, would be packing up and heading back to Auckland on the ferry after the finish of the final race ever to be held on Waiheke Island. This was the Senior TT held on January 2nd 1950, and even though racing had run its course on the Island it was responsible for introducing some brilliant racers from New Zealand to the rest of the world. The racing on Waiheke went deeper than just a bunch of riders feeling the challenge of road racing.

We first wrote about the New Zealand

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1930 Rudge Sales Catalogue.

Rudge it, Don’t Trudge it was their motto, and since the mid 1920s Rudge had been mounting success after success for their motorcycles. For 1930 things were to get even better with wins including a 1st and 2nd in the Senior race at the I.O.M TT races. Even in NZ Rudge was successful in taking overall honours at the first ever New Zealand TT on Waiheke Island in 1931. 4 speed gearboxes, a recirculating oiling system and a linked braking system were just some of the attractions that made Rudge the machine to own. They didn’t produce many models, in

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Barnstormers New Years 2019.

As we all know if something is going to break or give us grief it will be at Christmas, just when time is at a premium. Between the stringing of Christmas lights, tree decorating and playing Santa my PC decided to annoy me by doing lots of strange things. Whether it was the weather or perhaps it too wanted to be festive, it seemed to rejoice in deleting what I was writing, usually when I got up to fill my glass with some Christmas happiness. Some of you are probably thinking “Oh yes, silly old fool, probably had tooooo much

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Velocette GTP Parts Book.

Knobster and I both have a fascination with the English Stinkwheels, an enduring term for the early smokey, stinky 2 stroke motorcycles. Mine is the 225cc Royal Enfield whereas Knobster likes any underpowered light weight 2 stroke that allows him to hop off at the slightest of hills and exercise his legs by pushing. Not sure whether it is the under performing nature of the older 2 strokes or perhaps the ability to completely obliterate the following vehicles in a dense haze of 2 stroke smoke but we like to support the underdog. The Velocette GTP is one of those

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