What would you have been riding in 1913?

A few pages from a 1913 New Hudson sales brochure.




Front page of catalogue. Even then motorcycles went fast. G Patterson Jnr even seemed to be impressing the spectators.

It was these type of action shots that manufacturers and sponsors paid handsomely for to get the message out there that motorcycling was still new and exciting.




Manufacturers were quite proud to announce the fact that their machines (this one included) were designed specially for the ‘Colonies’ with extra ground clearance. This model has an amazing 6″ clearance AND a high mounted magneto. Later on some manufacturers also produced motorcycles with extra wide mudguards for the more undeveloped country roads.




Those ‘roughest colonial roads’ again! And the look of terror on her face is priceless.  




Cane type sidecar bodies were cheap. The more enclosed coachbuilt type bodies were more expensive and heavier but  offered better weather protection. As a sidecar passenger I would be concerned with the advertising writeup of “Patent Chassis and Attachment. One nut on each clip releases sidecar”. Just how many clips were there?