Velocette KSS and KTS MK2 Spare Parts List.

To me Velocettes have always represented the best in styling and performance from the early KTTs and KSSs right through to the Thruxtons. Even so every motorcycle does have their unique designs and with the Velo it was the clutch system. Some found it ok whilst others found it challenging to adjust. And if you don’t like the colour black then a Velo may not be for you.

This copy of the KSS (K for OHC, SS for Super Sports) and KTS (Touring Sports) parts book was kindly sent in by one of our readers Chris Elvy who thought that it may be of value to some of the many Velocette owners out there. Thanks Chris.

It is complete with excellent diagrams including the Velocette pneumatic telescopic forks.

Click on the front cover below to view it.

It is a 6.85M PDF so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it.