More Barnstormers to Be Remembered.

Time is definitely marching on for our old hobby, and with it more and more of the pictorial past is disappearing. We have managed to put up a few more period photographs of the early years including an interesting page from a photograph album from 1929. Enjoy…………….

1915 South Island-100

This photograph is from the South Island in the late 1910s. The riders are unknown but the motorcycles are a 1910/11 BSA single, and a 1915(ish) Clyno V Twin and sidecar.


1920s South Island-100

This photograph is from a collection that detailed an excersion to Queenstown in the late 1920s. The riders are unknown but appear to be quite happy to pose for a maintenance shot. Excellent photo of a EW Douglas, the second bike is unknown, the third is a BSA single. Very interesting in that this was a period when number plates were issued every year and in this case the first 2 motorcycles have consecutive number plates.


1940s Canterbury -100

Start of a race in North Canterbury in the late 1940s. Even though telescopic front forks were becoming more acceptable this is a excellent photograph of 2 girder fork machines.


1947 Kaikoura-100

1st day of the Kaikoura Trail being held on Kings Birthday 1947 (now known as Queens Birthday). Taken at Huranui Bridge, the rider is unknown, the motorcycle is a Rudge.


Motorcycle 1933-100

Indian and sidecar with participants. An interesting photo of a well used machine, note the very small non original headlight and no mudguard on the sidecar. Taken in North Canterbury approx 1933.


Page 1-100

This is a page from the photograph album of Mr Stephenson of his trip Easter 1929


Scout 1930-1-100    Scout 1930-2-100

And 2 photos of the Indians in Easter 1930. The photos were discarded as unwanted by the family but saved by a couple from Wellington with an appreciation of our history. Thanks Adele and Matt.

If any of you have an old photos or interesting stories that you too would like to share we would love to hear from you. Contact us through the Contacts Page.