The Mighty Mousetrap

When one mentions ‘mouse’ certain people scream, when mouse trap is mentioned the ‘greenies’ get aggitated and they mumble “only if it is humane”. But what about the infamous Mousetrap carburettor made by Binks? Well they are a bit like the Yeti, sometimes seen and seldom understood. However that is about to change as some clever folk in New Zealand are starting to remanufacture them. A supposed performance carburettor from the 1920s their design was unique but the principles were sound. The 1923~25 models were a 2 jet item, whereas the 1926~28 were the 3 jet item. I had the opportunity to buy one about 15 years ago but felt that such a device on my 350 side valve would just evoke big gaffaws of laughter so decided not to proceed with the purchase. A decision now regretted.

Feel some loose change in your pocket and don’t know what to do with it? Contact Dennis or Ron on  and have a chat. Nothing like a sparkly new carburettor to assist in the healthy running of your vintage engine.


The Binks 2 jet racing carburettor from the 2nd edition of the 1913 Motorcycling Manual. As can be seen it has the main jet at the air intake, the same as the Mousetrap. Possibly the inspiration for the Rat-trap and Mousetrap?


The earlier Binks Rat-Trap carburettor. Without a throttle slide and the air speed controlled by the adjustable hinged flap on the inlet the acceleration was regarded as being “of a harsh nature” so from this the Mousetrap was born.


The power of advertising especially after a race win.


Sectional Drawing of the 3 jet Mousetrap.


So – how do you think a bank of 4 would look on a Japanese multi? Would I be the flashest Johnny on the block? You can all stop laughing – – – soon.