1925 Douglas Sales Catalogue

A nice little 6 page sales catalogue from Williams Bros Ltd, of Elizabeth St Sydney. It covers the Models TS (£63.00), SW (£68.00), CW, OB, and the sleek little RA. The RA was Douglas’ racing model designated as the I.O.M Model and with 25 bhp it was a true racer with a lot of success. That doesn’t mean that the other models were without their own successes either. The small TS, SW, and CW models provided reliable transport for tens of thousands of riders with their earlier cousins providing unquestionable service during WW1. The OB was the model that Australians modified to use as racers in the burgeoning sport of cinders racing, later to move to the UK and be known as speedway.

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It is a 1.0M PDF so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it.


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