1932 Douglas A B C K and M Handbook.

If you own a early 1930s Douglas then the Maintenance and Care Handbook for the Douglas A, B, C, K and M models is for you. A valuable addition to your Douglas library it includes excellent photographs of the oil pumps and drives, special maintenance tools, photograph of my favourite, the OHV engine, ignition and valve timing, lubrication, clutch details, and the interesting BTH pancake generator. 

 Click on the front cover below to see the 27 page handbook.

It is a 4.2M PDF and you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it.

 And for 1933 Douglas introduced their only single cylinder machine at the November bike show. Named the Bantam it was powered by their own 2 stroke design. Proven not to be a great success and like most small capacity commuter bikes of little used value the Bantam is now a very rare machine. Click here to see The MotorCycle report on Douglas’ Stand 91.