AMAC 1914 ~ 1920 Carburettor Hints and Tips.

A nice and informative booklet of 30 pages from the manufacturers of AMAC carburettors of Birmingham. As with the carburettors themselves the information is very basic but it does have the information on setting up or ‘tuning’ for the single lever H type of 1920, and the double lever Type H of 1920, as well as the Type E of 1914 to 1919. Jet sizes and the carburettor types for the various size engine capacities  are included in 2 charts on pages 26 and 27..

You may not be able to buy the replacement parts new from a supplier but at least you know what may be causing your running problems.

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It is a 4.75M PDF and you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it.