NZ Vintage Car Clubs 25th National Motorcycle Rally 2017.

Every two years the NZ Vintage Car Club holds its National Motorcycle Rally, alternating it between the North and South Islands. The next one, to be held on the 17th to 19th February 2017 is based at the Waitomo Village, and is being organised jointly between the Auckland and Waikato sections of the Vintage Car Club.   The after rally tour that follows on from the rally weekend, starting on Monday 20th to Friday 24th, is in the style of hub tours to places of interest, returning each day back to Waitomo.

Want to know where Waitomo is? We can help.

This event has always been the pinnacle of events for older motorcycles with it growing to its strongest support in the 1980s. The 11th National Rally was in 1989, was held at Camp Adair in Auckland and had a total of 176 machines dating from a 1910 Indian to a 1960 BSA. Time has moved on and so has the acceptance of later machines so if you have a early 1970s Honda, Suzuki, Norton or Triumph you too can enter. Remember as a national event your motorcycle must have a Vehicle Identity Card (VIC) which is issued by the Vintage Car Club. Need to know more about a VIC (and not the VIC or Vehicle Inspection Certificate issued by the LTSA) click here.

Entry is open for members of the NZ Vintage Car Club only, and overseas members of like minded clubs.

Closing date is Monday 14th November so you need to do it now. Late entries will be accepted by the organisers up to Monday 16th January but it will cost you a late fee of $50.00 and you will not be entered into the program.

Viewing for the general public is on Sunday from midday.

For a copy of the entry form with all the important details click on the rally logo below. It is a PDF so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it.

Here are some photos of the 4th National Rally held in Hastings in February 1975 that I attended. Great bikes and a great time. I wonder how many of these bikes are still around?