1929 500cc Scott Squirrel (exact pedigree unknown, though not a Chipmunk)

There was a time when this bikes current owner was somewhat disparaging of the mighty stinkwheel, but after a brief foray into some scrambles shenanigans way back in the 80s ( and subsequently left there due to infirmity ), has seen him warm to, and collect, an interesting array of motorcycles powered by Sir Dugald Clerks finest.

One of the things that makes the Scott motorcycle appealing would be that lovely nickel plated radiator sitting proudly in front of a black petrol tank painted brightly with violet or cream side panels. With model names like Squirrel, Super Squirrel or the Flying Squirrel what could the motorcycling public expect? Well they got a unique engine that was water cooled, twin cylinder, 2 stroke,and had a capacity of 500 or 600cc. Early models having a countershaft drive to the rear wheel, later on being upgraded to a more conventional gearbox.

Unusual for a time when most motorcycles were either a four stroke single or V twin designer Alfred Scott was a firm believer that 2 stroke engines had a lot to offer, and was rewarded with a loyal following for decades. Ownership of the company was to change but the basic design of the engine ran strong enough to reintroduced as the Silk 700 in the 1970s.

This little beauty is a 1929 model that has been used for vintage racing in New Zealand. It has the 500cc twin cylinder water cooled engine and a 3 speed close ratio gearbox. Although it has been on a 4 year sabbatical it will be out soon possibly on a track near you. I have also heard that the owner has over spent on expensive baubles for it and a personalised registration number plate will soon grace its posterior to meet the legal requirements for road use.

I hope to hear this vanishing in a cloud of blue smoke soon.