WLA Harley

What is it about elderly Harleys that continue to fascinate and draw ones attention. I saw this one at Pukekohe and after chatting with it owner, took what I though was a myriad of photos but it turned out to be just the one and so Ive made it a biggie. (Sorry McS, you’ll need your dial up broadband connected a little longer)

Ive not got a lot to say about this one, I think the picture speaks for itself. If you want more info on WLAs, Google will take you to a treasure trove of info.

One of the great things about this bike is that it had made its way from NZs winterless North to Pukekohe without the aid of a trailer,ute or truck and its owner fully intended that it was returning home in the same fashion.

Its the perfect example of a great utility motorcycle, long may it continue to run and be ridden.