1936 Ariel Sales Catalogue

Ariel motorcycles have always impressed me with their style and finish. The chrome flutes in the petrol tanks of some 1950s models added a certain flare that wasn’t there in other makes, although they were probably a nightmare to panelbeat. And their sales catalogues were no different. The 1936 range of models is impressive and is reflected in the opulence of the time, the stylish silhouetted ladies in different sports poses that adorn each page suggesting that should you buy an Ariel then you too will step up to their class.

One model that has always impressed me is the Ariel Square Four., especially the pre war model, the OHC 600cc 4F. Definitely the flagship model for Ariel and well out of the reach of the average working man.

Sadly the page illustrating the OHV Deluxe 350cc Model NG is half torn and not worth reproducing however the specification page is there.

Click on the front cover below to see the 25 page catalogue.
It is a 4.5M PDF and you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it.

To see a report from the 1933 edition of The Motorcycle, dated November 30th , on the Ariel Stand at the Olympic Motorcycle show featuring some of the ideas on the new 1934 models, click here.