Brown and Barlow Carburetters

To complement the article on Brown and Barlow carburetters (see here for article) an executive decision was made to ‘borrow’ the B&B manual from Lubeboys site. It was quite easy really as the only thing that he keeps in his desk draw are a old pair of blemished (being polite here) undies, and the password to his PC. So while he was out the back secretly picking his nose the Knobster and me went to work. And as far as challenges goes getting Mrs McSnippy to clean my bike, or watching the Knobster try to tie his shoe laces is far more painful than this endeavour. So here you are.

Its in PDF format so make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader

Click on the picture to open it in your browser or right-click and €˜Save as€™ to download it