Wot? Christmas 2017 already?

With a busy year of 21 posts we hope that there has been something that you enjoyed or got some value from. We have had 223,800 page views in the last 12 months which is a remarkable increase over previous years, so for such a specialized interest it goes to show that not everybody is watching reality tv. Definitely good news for those with an interest in older motorcycles. We have also seen an increase in requests of assistance which has kept us busy in replying.

Some feedback received is for more early motorcycling photographs of which we do have a few to put up, however the photo album will empty so we would like any photographs and stories (no matter how short) to put up. The Contacts Page would be the first easy step to make. We are very friendly and have had all of our medical shots!

Knobster has put up Santas clock to remind us of how many days left til the event, and honestly I was quite surprised as I thought that he was going to use his favourite countdown of  “yay, only 7 sleeps left, only 6 sleeps left”.
He has also been very busy stopping idle fingers from gaining access to the site, and there are a lot of people out there who think that they need to, not that there is anything special. We don’t store email addresses and everything important is visible to the world. Knobsta also introduced his Nuggets section. Just a small bite of interesting motorcycling ephemera.

Miss McSnippy found my secret supply of christmas beverage and decided to use it in some seasonal baking. Good idea I thought until I found out that she GAVE IT ALL AWAY!!! Like our current weather it is going to be a dry season in McSnotty El Casa, or at least until the next pension cheque arrives.

We spent a little and had a christmassy drawing done with a couple of our favourite girder machines piloted by some of Santas reindeer setting off to Barnstormers HQ wiff our pressies. Of course we had to include our friend Kev the Kiwi to see off the keen riders. I was originally looking at making it a Barnstormers version of Wheres Wally, with a more interesting Find Knobster scenario but decided any one of the wee elves could be the mighty gent himself. The artist is once again Richard Maby who is very talented. If you would like a drawing of your favourite machine we can pass on your details, he is a talented artist with skills quickly disappearing under the mousepad of computer art. Just use our contacts page and we can forward your interest on.

The drawing pretty much says it all but the ever keen Knobster felt the need to put some words down to express how dire things could have become. Good on ya kobba!!

Twas the Month before Christmas and down in the shed
McSnotty was muttering ”the bloody things dead”
His phone line, you see, had given up the ghost
Just when he needed the damn thing the most
This line is required for accessing the Net
Missing his dial-up, he was starting to sweat
Without this access, things could only get rougher
And Barnstormers Christmas would certainly suffer
A call to the telco, to get his line sorted
Left him feeling he’d somehow been bloody extorted
The telco sent someone, who sorted a fix
But left him still thinking they all were just pricks
But access was granted , he was on in a jiffy
And emails were read without getting too sniffy
Richard Maby had sent us his latest creation
“Masterpeice” he cried, with much jubilation
So here’s where we leave, this tale, well ended
And both hope you have a Christmas most splendid

And finally from both of us have a great christmas and we hope that you will return in the New Year.