An interesting question….

I’m a regular traveller on the Auckland Motorway, although this isn’t an Auckland specific question. The question may seem like its a bit off topic (That is, in the Barnstormers world) but some of us venture onto motorways from time to time, even on our old motorcycles.

Take a look at the photo below and let us know what your opinion is on the following question.

When the lights go green, is it 2 vehicles or 4 that can go?

How many vehicles can go when its green?
How many vehicles can go when its green?

My opinion is 4 as the sign says, 1 vehicle, per green, each lane so that’s 2 greens per lane x 2 lanes = 4 vehicles. But the Knobster is a bit of a simpleton (The maths above was worked out on my abacus) So what do my fellow Barnstormers think? Comments are open on this one, log-in and go for it.

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Knobster 😉

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  1. Ah yes, but by the time you reach that line, the light is yellow…..and what does yellow mean 😉 So what must you do?

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