Another Scott Wot!

I was at a bit of a loss on Sunday , as my weekend achievements so far had been totaled up and reached a big zero.

To get this off the mark, I rounded up Knob Jr and headed to the Auckland ‘Caffeine and Classics’ to eyeball other peoples elderly tat. This event is held on the last Sunday of every month at Smales Farm on Aucklands sunny North Shore. Except, that is, on the day I turned up. The Event had been moved so that a whole load of people could run up onto the Auckland harbour bridge and take some selfies, under the guise of a ‘Marathon’.

There was a few (6ish) of us lost souls in the carpark, so apparently not being on the ArseBook, does have its limitations. Anyway, this was the sole motorcycle and what a beauty, no trailer sailor this one, it had been ridden to the event and looked very much like a regular ride for its owner.

I didnt see the owner , so couldnt get any history, but hey, it made my trip worthwhile. Nice.