Te News November 2018

As visitors to the site can see we have put up very little this year. We are still trying to think of some plausible reasons but nup, the only one that comes to mind is slackness. Knobsters excuse was going to be that he was too busy riding his new motorcycle (a late model metallic green Moto Guzzi apply named Shrek) but really he is hiding from Mrs Knobster because a little piece of paper arrived in the mail demanding some sort of payment for being really bad on our public highway. $120 bad. Oh dear Knobby!!

We seldom have management meetings at Barnstormers HQ but where needs must then yes. Not that they are that busy with agenda items usually being 2 or 3 items written on a napkin, which doubles as a serviette for the after meeting nosh up. Mr Ted usually presides over the formalities, and Gemima takes the notes (hmmm have we skipped somewhere to Play School).

Anyway it has been observed that there has been a slow shift in the use or lack of of late 1940s motorcycles. These models are more akin to pre war machines, with their designs being a carryover from that period, with small upgrades like telescopic forks and paint schemes. With the pre war design comes pre war performance and unless you own a Vincent HRD, or a Norton or Triumph twin then you are destined to travel at speeds of 40¬45 mph, decidedly less than the newer developed 1950s and 60s machines. Because of the commonality more with the pre war models we have decided to extend our involvement, or encouragement depending how ones looks at it, up to 1950 models. We have also been offered the use of some catalogues etc from this period. Other motorcycling organisations have also recognised this anomaly and have or are changing. The organisers of the Taupo Mail Run has been accepting pre 1950 motorcycles on their girder fork run for a few years, and a planned upcoming motorcycle run being organised by the motorcycle section of the Auckland Vintage Car Club will be for pre 1950 motorcycles only.

Our contribution to this change is the sales catalogue for Ariel motorcycles from about 1949 (there is no date on the publication). But if you check it out they are post war rigid models and appear similar to the 1937 catalogue that we currently have up on the site.

The annual Rotorua Swap Meet was on Sunday July 8th and as I haven’t been for about 4 years thought that it was about time for an visit. In the past we have got up at 3 am to travel down but as the years weary us it was decided to travel down on Saturday afternoon and sample some of Rotoruas hospitality. My companion being Jnr McSnotty, who was very keen having just returned from 2 years living overseas. An able bodied young man who has proven valuable in the past for carrying extremely heavy purchases so was this day going to be any different?
Now for those of you that have never been to the swap meet it is held at the Stock Car Raceway in Paradise Valley, Rotorua, which is sited on the south side of Mt Ngongotaha. When the weather is fine it can be a very nice place, but inclement weather can chill one right to the bone. This year we were lucky and even though sunscreen wasn’t required it was enjoyable. Others thought so too and by 8.30 the venue was bustling with buyers and sellers smiling everywhere you turned. And of course the mandatory coffee and chips were excellent. So were any worthwhile purchases made? Definitely yes, Jnr was pleased with his purchase of some non motoring items, and I managed a few light lenses, gasket sets and the remains of a 1963 Royal Enfield 750 MK1 Intercepter (yes it is a little out of Barnstormers pre 1945 criteria but hey, it is a Royal Enfield!). Why did I buy it? Well I had some space in a nook or cranny somewhere at home, and I wanted to see how soft Jnr McSnotty had got whilst lazing around overseas. What am I going to do with it? Not sure but Knobster has an Intercepter so now he is saying that we can be Intercepter buddies. Grrrrr!!! Somebody has suggested that we should be called Barn Hoarders instead of Barnstormers! Ha ha ha ha ha ha, very funny.

The date for 6th New Zealand Motorcycle Show is November 24th and 25th  at the ASB Showgrounds, 217 Greenlane West, Epsom, Auckland. It is organised by the Papakura Rotary Club and sponsored by Ride Forever, a division of ACC (you know, the friendly people that extract all that money from us via our motorcycle registration). There is always a good variation of motorcycles on display, vintage groups, classics, early Japanese, one make clubs, new models, and specials (choppers, trikes, interesting ideas), so basically something for everyone. Well worth attending with all profits going to charity.
Open both days from 9.00am to 5.00pm. Entry is Adults $20.00, Children age 5¬13 $5.00 or a Family Pass (2 adults and 2 children) $40.00
Have a look at the story on the 2016 Motorcycle Show on Barnstormers and judge for yourself just how good it is. For more information have a look at   www.nzmotorcycleshow.co.nz

February 2nd and 3rd  2019 is the date for the NZ Classic Motorcycle Racing Registers annual Classic Festival. An important event that will be celebrating 40 years of classic racing success in New Zealand. Having attended all the meetings either as a competitor or a spectator I have always enjoyed myself and I don’t expect the 40th to be any different. The theme is to acknowledge riders and machines from the last 40 years and to create a historic poster and film from the sharing of photos and memories. For those of us that have spent many happy hours racing with the Classic Racing Register this event will be an opportunity to catch up with past racing foes, and to remember those who are not now with us. Well done to the Register for getting to this milestone in motorcycle racing history in New Zealand.


These motorcycles were at the first meeting in 1980. I wonder if they will be at the next one, 40 years on?

The 13th Annual Burt Munro Challenge is on  6-10 Feb 2019. The website says that entries open October 2018 so if you are thinking about entering any events don’t leave it too late thinking that there is heaps of time. You will forget. Click here to see what is planned. While you are there you can visit Hayes Hardware, the home of everything that is Burt Munro, and also take in Motorcycle Mecca, the motorcycle museum with everything from the start of motorcycling. On the way home you can call into the National Vintage Motorcycle Rally just one week later at Blenheim. Edition 72 of Old Bike Australia has a good read on the Burt Munro Rally held in Invercargill on the 8-12th February this year. Probably have to order a back issue from their website  www.oldbikemag.com.au

It seems only yesterday that we advertised the last National Motorcycle Rally that was held at Waitomo in 2017. Well the Vintage Car Clubs next National Motorcycle Rally is their 26th and is on 15th to 17th February 2019, this time in sunny Blenheim. This is a good chance to mix with some of the best older motorcycles in New Zealand. Classes are for machines from the early 1900s right up to the 1970s. Something for everybody. The following week there is a After Rally Hub Tour. You will have to be a member of the Vintage Car Club to compete and your club eligible motorcycle will have to have a VIC (Vehicle Identity Certificate). Not sure of when the entries close but contact the Rally Organiser at P.O. Box 422, Blenheim, or email vccrally2019@gmail.com



Christmas is fast approaching and Knobster wants me to remind you all that he likes a wee tipple of bourbon (the term wee is subjective in his case). So should any of you wish to send him a festive beverage to help him through that demanding time when he is wearing his bulging red suit and entertaining little children he will be very Ho! Ho! Happy!!. But this is not about Knobster, it is about our celebration of Christmas. As in the past years we have put up a Christmas card celebrating this festive period, and this year will be no different. The drawing will have more of a southern hemisphere theme and is being undertaken by the very skilled Richard Mabey. Richard has been doing this type of artwork for years and now has his own website  www.wheelie-funny.com  Have a look, you might be able to fill that hole in your partners Christmas stocking.

The latest edition of my favourite motorcycle read fell through my mailbox the other day. Old Bike Mart has been around for about 40 years, and covers everything from early veteran up to the ever growing popularity of 1970s motorcycles. It has a good selection of motorcycles for sale as well as spare parts, and is a must when trying to locate parts suppliers and repair providers. It is an English publication put out by Mortons Motorcycle Media and is available by subscription only. I have subscribed for 22 years and it is value for money. Have a look here…………..

For those of you that are into early Triumph motorcycles Peter Cornelius is the specialist for pre 1941 Triumph motorcycles for the Vintage Motorcycle Club. He is a very helpful guy based in Christchurch, New Zealand and is quite happy to share information so should you have any questions about these interesting machines you can contact him though his website triumph.gen.nz I enjoyed his site and I don’t even own a Triumph.

As restorers or assemblers of older motorcycles one problem that we all encounter at some stage is locating good useable guards (or fenders). Hours can be spent trying to repair rusty old relics, modifying guards from other machines, or even welding various sections together to get just one good mudguard. Vintage Steel have been providing quality guards now for veteran, vintage and custom motorcycles since 2016, and looking at their website one can see the skill that is put into manufacturing them. Look them up at www.vintagesteel.com There is also a link on the left of the home page.

In April next year we will be celebrating being 10 years on line. A lot of motorcycling web sites have come, and then gone and we are still here doing it. Hopefully we will be around for at least another 10 years, and who knows perhaps another 20. Now wouldn’t that be something. Knobster has suggested doing something special to celebrate the occasion, perhaps a T shirt? Any ideas out there? We value your feedback.

And remember the Waikato branch of the Vintage Car Club is having their annual swap meet at Lake Karapiro on Sunday November 18th. A popular event at a great venue. Take the wife and kids, grand kids and a have a picnic in the sun overlooking the lake. A magnificent view. With modern mobile phones and google maps you shouldn’t be lost getting there. Gates open at 7.00am

Coming up in the future on Barnstormers
An article on Knobsters favourite motorcycle
With an attachment on what was probably the first of the big motorcycle auctions, Randal Baynes auction of 1989
A interesting photograph library of Jack Waller
Quite a few more old motorcycling photographs.
And a bit of a blag about the old Army Indian from WW2.

So stay tuned.