2018 NZ Motorcycle show

Things have moved on a little in the Knob household since last years show, as Knob Jr has decided he now likes motorcycles and backed this up by getting his MC license and a shiny Kawasaki Ninja (not Barnstormers old , I know, but please bear with the ramblings of an old man). So there is a new enthusiasm from his little lordship and what is his dear old Dad to do but fan those smoldering embers. As one wag said to me, if this becomes a passion, he’ll never be able to afford a drug habit.

With all that in mind, off we went to the 2018 NZ Motorcycle show to see whats been happening in our little world..

As with previous years the big manufactures hold sway with large pavilions. There were unveiling of never seen before motorcycles (well not on these shores but easily seen in the international motorcycle press) all of which were, for me at least, a bit underwhelming. I didn’t even bother to even load the glass plates into the folding camera. Even the ‘Burt Munro’ Indian, was just a modern Scout with a different paintjob (Streamliner colours), more marketing than substance methinks, which is a shame because I like the modern Scout, and was hoping to see something a bit different.

Anyway , the young fella oohed and aahed and looked at shiny stuff, we went and got the requisite ‘goodies’ from RideForever and Auckland Transport stands which were giving out useful stuff, like high Vis vests, Tyre pressure gauges, Sidestand pucks, Visor cloths, sunscreen!! and good advice. (good to see our extortionist ACC levy’s being put to good use)

Heres a selection of of the bikes that piqued my interest enough to want to reopen the Darkroom to process and post here

While there was a lot of Show motorcycles in attendance, there didn’t seem to be as many exhibitors this year. I hope this isn’t a downward trend.

The quality of the show bikes was great (although my definition of quality is “If you can ride it, its Quality”) and there was a great variety, spanning many different eras and styles.

As ever, Ive added a nod to the 70’s as the bikes of this era are where I did my learning.

My brother-in-law had one of these and it sounded like a hot Holden (6cyl). What a beast, nothing beats style over substance like some of the oddities coming out of Italy in the 70’s. Just awesome.

The only real annoyance of the day was having to pay for Parking. The price of entry , at $20 per adult, was reasonable, but having to pay by the hour for parking, sucked. This wasn’t clear on the shows website, and it seemed to be an opportunity to gouge a little more out of those of us who chose not to ride in torrential rain to see the show.

All and all a good 3 1/2 hours well spent. And Quality time with the young fella.

Might even go again next year…..