Velocette GTP Parts Book.

Knobster and I both have a fascination with the English Stinkwheels, an enduring term for the early smokey, stinky 2 stroke motorcycles. Mine is the 225cc Royal Enfield whereas Knobster likes any underpowered light weight 2 stroke that allows him to hop off at the slightest of hills and exercise his legs by pushing. Not sure whether it is the under performing nature of the older 2 strokes or perhaps the ability to completely obliterate the following vehicles in a dense haze of 2 stroke smoke but we like to support the underdog. The Velocette GTP is one of those types of machines that yes we would love to own, but as with all small capacity motorcycles there are not a lot out there.

The GTP was first introduced in 1930 with a 3 speed gearbox, with an update to a 4 speed box in 1934. From ’34 the GTP seemed to be quite sorted as there was very few changes up to the last production run of 250 in 1946. Uniqueness of this machine would be the separate oiling system that is controlled by a mechanical oil pump driven off the crankshaft. Its flow is adjusted by the throttle position. And of course the real appeal to me is the external bacon slicer flywheel.

This parts book covers the 4 speed models and has excellent illustrations. It was supplied with the machine when sold brand new. The engine number has been written on the inside of the cover so if you have a GTP with engine number GB 6414 then you can be rest assured that the parts book has also survived.

Click on the front cover below to see the complete 36 page manual.
It is a 8.9M PDF so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it.

If you are interested in the technical aspects of the GTP click on the photograph below.

We have also included the GTP engine section from the Velocette maintenance manual by R.W. Burgess. It is 10 pages and is quite informative with ignition timing, description on the mechanical lubrication system and crankshaft rebuilding. Click on the cover below to see it.