Auckland British and European Car Show 2019.

The 4th Annual British and European Car Show is on again on Sunday 3rd March at Lloyd Elsmore Park, Pakuranga, from 10am to 3pm and even though it is advertised as a car show organisers are extending an invitation to owners of Classic British and European motorcycle owners and clubs.

Over 750 cars are already registered for this event with entries hopefully exceeding 1000. If this was to happen it will make the event the largest free Brit and Euro Classic Car Show in the southern hemisphere. You don’t have to be in a club, and can enter as an individual, but if you do expect to make new friends with like minded individuals. 10 motorcycle clubs have already registered their interest so you will not be the lone piper sandwiched between a lineup of Morris Minors.

Entry registration can be completed online   and even though general registrations close on 5th February the organisers have extended the close off for motorcycles until the end of February. Whether your motorcycle is fully restored, or under restoration the organisers are keen to hear from you. The general public just love to see what we are doing in our workshops all hours of the day and night (and probably the wife as well), and then of course there are those who just love to remember out loud with “we used to have one of those, wish we still had it” or the one I like, “how much!!!” Unrestored barn finds seem to be on the increase and these too create huge interest especially if supported with some interesting history, like my 1949 Royal Enfield. It has 25000 miles on it, ridden for 5 years and never ridden again, and has only ever had 2 riders. I am the 3rd owner.

Even if you are unable to enter a motorcycle it would still be well worth a visit, with over 1000 cars (hopefully) there will no doubt be something there that will interest you. Click here to see a gallery of photographs of vehicles from 2018. They are just lovely.

Any questions can be directed to the organisers through their website.