Antique Motorcycles.

As previously mentioned in other articles it is getting quite hard to obtain manuals and information on early motorcycles, especially those over 70 years old. So when one of our readers passed on a site for us to inspect naturally I had to follow it through (thanks Wing Nut). There are 2 sites which appear to be tied together through the same business address but both are definitely worth having a look at.

Antique Motorcycle Books – Not a big supplier however have some good quality reprints of early manuals (mainly American) and advertise American Racer by Stephen Wright. I haven’t seen this book before however its brief mentions various chapters recording overseas events including items by New Zealands Geoff Hockley from Christchurch. Could be a good Christmas present for someone (hint anyone!!)

Antique Motorcycle Works – Have some real early American motorcycles for sale, both restored and unrestored. Their parts for sale range from rubber handgrips and footrest rubbers through to Harley Davidson Peashooter barrels and complete top ends. Look to be real nice stuff. Site is recommended by owners to be best viewed on broadband (I might just have to upgrade to it soon as I seem to be missing out on stuff. And it will get the Knobster off my back).