1935 Indian Sales Catalogue

By the 1930s the only 2 motorcycle manufacturers left in America were Indian or Harley Davidson, you were either with one or the other, but very few were with both. Choice would have been made very difficult in that design and colour options from both manufacturers were similar so probably a contributing factor in purchase would have been what your friends were riding or what your dad told you to buy.

So for 1935 Indian had 5 models available including the Indian 74, Indian 45, Indian Sport Scout, Indian Scout Pony 500cc (30.50 Cu In) and the only remaining American made 4 cylinder. Every year manufacturers tell of more performance, improvements in suspension etc, and Indian was no different. They even advertised a new range of colour combinations, you just had to check with your Indian dealer to see what was on offer. And of course there were factory made sidecars, 2 models being available.

The pages that make up this catalogue are from a 1935 fold out pamphlet that has been cropped into some order. For novice PDF users it is best viewed initially as page scrolling at 75% and then move on from there. You are driving behind the handlebars so give it a squirt and see what happens.

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