1926 The N.U.T Sales Catalogue

The N.U.T. motorcycle, from Newcastle upon Tyne would have to be one of the most unique motorcycles from the 1920s. Its sports like looks are enhanced by the unusual long sleek round petrol tank and nickle plated mounting straps. It is powered by NUTs own engine design and same as for a lot of English motorcycles of the 1920s utilizes a Sturmey Archer gearbox. Perhaps the interesting aspect of the motorcycle is that the engine can be completely dismantled, including removal of the crankshaft without complete removal from the frame, the main crankcase housing remains installed in the frame.
Engine capacity is 5hp or 700cc, and 3 models were available. They are the 5hp Overseas Model F, the 5hp Standard Magneto Model E, and the 5hp Standard Dynamo Model E.

Google NUT images to see some of the excellent examples that have survived.

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