1924 Royal Enfield Sales Catalogue.

For 1924 Royal Enfield started introducing big changes. It was the last year of manufacture for their big 996cc V twin using the Vickers Wolseley engine with 2 speed countershaft drive and hand crank start, it was to be replaced in 1925 with an engine of Royal Enfields own design, still of a 1000cc capacity, but with Royal Enfields own oiling system. However it was still a total loss system and the oil pump had Enfield Cycle Co on the brass pump cover instead of Wolsley. Drive would be through a 3 speed Sturmey Archer gearbox with (finally) a kick start lever. The wrist breaking hand crank lever would finally be gone. But that was still a year away. More important for 1924 was the new Model 350, a 2 3/4 hp 350cc side valve engine and the Model 351, a 2 3/4hp 350cc OHV Sports machine, both driving through a 2 speed countershaft operated by a rocker pedal, to the rear wheel. Next year would see the upgrade to a 3 speed Sturmey Archer gearbox and front and rear internal expanding drum brakes.

Other models were the 201A, an open frame motorcycle often referred to by other manufacturers as The Ladies Model (a bit sexist?), the 200, 201, and 202, all powered by Royal Enfields own 2 stroke engine. The Big Twin was represented by Models 155, 180, 185 and 190, all essentially sidecar mounts.

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A 1921 Royal Enfield V twin in all its splendour. Virtually the same as the 1924 model.

A magnificent motor and the much acclaimed hand crank responsible for many a wrist injury, me included.