1934 AJS Sales Catalogue

1934 was regarded possibly as the worst years of the Great Depression with the worlds recovery hitting rock bottom, and to make things just a little more difficult Britain introduced the motor vehicle Driving Test.
However, AJS motorcycles must have believed in the market improvement because they had a line up of 11 models and 3 sidecars for that year.
This plain black and white pictured catalogue does not do AJS credit for their motorcycles but with the current economic climate cost cuts had to be made. They would have been relying on the attraction of the chrome petrol tanks and colourful paneling for sales.
The single cylinder side valve and overhead valve machines were of the sporty sloper design, and are represented in the following models – 34-12 250cc, 34-B6 350cc, 34-B8 500cc Big Port OHV, the 34-5 350cc SV Sports, the 34-9 500cc SV Deluxe, the 34-6 350cc and 34-8 500cc Two Port Deluxe, the 34-7 350cc and 34-10 500cc Camshaft Trophy, and the 34-2 English and Export Model V Twins.
Their OHC models were available in various states of tune with machines being marketed as Racing or Competition. Referred to as the Trophy Models the sales catalogue states the following “ They represent the successful development of the chain driven O.H.C. Model over a number of years, and have now reached a state of perfection and reliability so essential to racing and competition men”.

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