1926 Watsonian Sidecar Sales Catalogue

Watsonian would be the longest sidecar manufacturer to date. They have a proud history of over 108 years production, with manufacturing first starting in 1912. Changing times and advances in motorcycles would have necessitated constant changes and up grades to models offered, but when one looks at sidecars in general a sidecar is just a sidecar. Or is it? Have a look at what was on offer for 1926 and see what you think. Then revisit us at a later date for a 1930s sales catalogue that we have and see the advancements.
This is a very clean copy with information on how to set up the lean out and wheel alignment, and has 8 different passenger models including the Featherweight Model A, Touring Model B, the sleek and sporty Model R34, the Monarch, the Two Seater Tandem (very regal and ideal for the larger family), the 2 Seater Sociable, the TT Sidecar with polished aluminium body, and the Branston Mediumweight. In addition there are 3 commercial bodies – the Box, the Truck and the Van. Bodies had attractive colours of dark blue or deep red, construction could be polished aluminium, 3 ply and sheet metal.
There is also a supplement for 1927 which has the Featherweight Sports Model K, the Occassional Tandem Two Seater and the new Kwikfit chassis.

Have a look here for the ongoing history of Watsonian.

Click on the front cover below to see the complete 25 page catalogue.
It is a 8.1M PDF so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it.