Vintage Carburetters Pt 1.

AMAC Carburetters 1923~1928

Any information on vintage carburetters is hard to come by and with the popularity of our earlier posting of the Brown and Barlow carburetter handbook we thought that we would add to the technical library by addition of the spare parts list for AMAL, AMAC and Binks carburetters from 1923 to 1930. Naturally this file would be quite large and as viewers would more than likely want to be type specific I have split this into the 3 different manufacturers, the first being for AMAC carbs . This will enable easier and quicker downloading of files, especially for those not on broadband.

The AMAC parts handbook includes a comprehensive carburetter model identification list for the different years, a good description of uses for touring and racing (including the AMAC TT caburetter) and diagrams of the original twist grips and throttle slide controls.

Later on as time permits I will add the information for the Binks and AMAL carburetters.

So here it is. Remember it is in PDF format so make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader

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