1957 Lightweight Autocycles Manual.

With the current situation of overseas hostilities effecting the price of fuel in New Zealand even small cars are becoming very expensive to fill up their tanks, prices of more than $100 are appearing to be the norm. So it makes one wonder if there will be an increase in small 2 wheeled scooters appearing on our roads, or perhaps those power cycles that have lain in garden sheds for decades will be dragged out and recommissioned? Will we see a plephora of LPAs (leg power assist machines ie power cycles) trailing a thin wisp of blue 2 stroke smoke behind them as they make their way into town. Well if that is the case then this information which was extracted from a 1957 Lightweight Autocycles (Mopeds) manual will be invaluable to owners wishing to gain maximum power from those tiny little power plants. So if you own a Achilles, Berini, Cyclemate, Heinkel, Hercules Mobylette, Mosquito, Norman, Velosolex, Vincent, or the 10 other different makes listed then a look may be worth your while.

Click on the cover below to see adjustments for the 20 different makes.
It is a 2.3M PDF so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it.