1938 James Sales Catalogue.

By 1938 James Motorcycles were producing only 5 models, all powered by the popular Villiers 2 stroke engine and using Albion gearboxes. This small 8 page catalogue was printed for the main New Zealand importer Skeates & White of Auckland, but in the back of it Skeates have listed 56 James Representatives throughout NZ that will be ready at hand to assist owners, or even help to sell them a new machine. Even Rawene had a representative (where is that you may ask?).
Small as they may have been James motorcycles provided reliable cheap transport to many who needed to get to work, a starting point for those who wanted to experience the thrills of riding a motorcycle, or a ride for those who just didn’t want to push pedals.
The range of models were from the 249cc Super Sport No8 and 9 (the No 8 has automatic lubrication with a separate oil tank for those who didn’t want the messy job of stirring pre mix fuel), the 196cc No 12, the 148cc No 15, and the 125cc No 17. So something for everybody.

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It is a 1.4M PDF so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it.