1952 J.A.P 125 Unit Engine Gearbox Reference Book

Whenever people talk about 1940s/50s British 2 strokes the first thing that comes to mind are the Villiers engined machines, or the BSA Bantam. Occassionally Royal Enfields own engined 125 Flying Flea or the later RE2 do come up but seldom is the J.A.P thought of. Perhaps because the engine gearbox unit, which has a close resemblance to the Bantam, only survived for approximately 5 years from 1947 to 1952. Initially manufactured with a hand gearchange it was updated to foot change in 1951, and production saw the motor fitted with a cast iron piston instead of alloy. Engine output was a staggering 3.5hp.
It was used by more of the smaller lower production manufacturers including BAC ( the Lilliput model), Bond and the FLM. The 1952 AJW also used the engine unit but mounted it with the cylinder horizontal which put the gearbox on top. Perhaps a more sporty look to draw in the more younger prospective buyers.

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