Matchless 1925 Sales Catalogue.

Unlike modern motorcycle manufacturers who produce up to 40 different models of machines and sales brochures each year, in 1925 the industry was still in its infancy and manufacturers were lucky to be able to produce even 4 models. Accordingly sales brochures were also small and if it were not for the additional advertisements of lighting accessories and sidecars displayed throughout, the pamphlets would have been even smaller. Motorcycling magazine publication€The Motorcycle€ took advantage of this and in 1925 produced The Overseas Annual and Buyers Guide Book which included complete specifications of all british motorcycles produced in 1925 (or so it is advertised). It was a welcomed collection of manufacturers products including accessories from the likes of Lucas, P&H, AMAC etc, especially for those overseas who did not have ready access to the local dealer network that existed in the United Kingdom.

Wishing to share some of this information Barnstormers librarian Miss Jones has scanned some of the dealers advertisements and over the next few months we will post them on the site.

To start of with she chose Matchless because she thinks they are €œcute€. Not wishing to upset her the Knobster and I gave in (you know the saying – €œa woman scorned blah blah€) so here it is –

It is a great little brochure with 4 main models, my favourite being the L/S 347 OHC. Advertised as a high speed sporting machine it has got fun written all over it. The last page includes the price reductions for some of the models.

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As usual with other manuals it is in PDF format so make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader