Vintage Motorcycle Belt and Brake Rims.

By 1928 motorcycles were chain drive and drum brakes, a major step in motorcycle development. However earlier motorcycles with belt drives and rim brakes were in use for a much longer period, in fact they are still in use today on a lot of rallies. The down side of their continued use is that these rims are wearing out and spare parts are becoming harder to find. This is of course limiting the use of these earlier machines should the appropriate rim not be found. Well the Vintage Motor Cycle Club in the UK have just announced the availability of new belt and brake rims to customers requirements. Initially only the 7/8€ wide x 28 degree vee will be available but others may be introduced if the demand is there. The offset is adjustable and the attachment flange can be upstand or downturn. Varying diameters are also available. The rims will be supplied undrilled, unplated, and unpainted. The cost is 160 pounds inclusive of VAT and postage within the UK. All enquiries to The VMCC at Allen House €“ Ph 01283 540557. (Outside the UK Ph 00441283 540557.)

You don€™t have to be a member of the club however while you are talking to the friendly people at Allen House why don€™t you ask for a membership form. Well worth the cost.

And to complement the new rim there are also new brake blocks available including slab material so that you can make your own . Click here to see what there is.

There will be no stopping you now – or will there?? Heres hoping.